Jorge Abadias & Aurora Arteaga

From the creativity and with such wide influences that go from Bjork to Messiaen, the two musicians give shape to an eclectic and very personal sound, in a musical journey through the American folk, the Brazilian chorinho, the blues, the gospel or the contemporary jazz . The flexible and virtuous guitar of Jorge Abadías is mixed with the extensive voice and full of nuances of Aurora in an open dialogue.

Each one contributes to the duo their respective compositions, which are added to a repertoire with themes by Ben Monder, Hermeto Pascoal, Jobim, Joni Mitchell ... The duo has performed at the Jazz Festival of Madrid, the Voices of Jazz Festival of La Rioja, playing in the main jazz clubs of Zaragoza, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Logroño, Madrid ...

Jorge Abadías: guitar, compositions, loops

Aurora Arteaga: voice and cello, compositions

Eric Kurimski & Aurora Arteaga

The guitarist Eric Kurimski and the singer Aurora Arteaga offer us a journey through Latin American music, with personal arrangements and compositions based on traditional forms such as huayno, zamba, Afro-Peruvian song, from a point of view closer to jazz. Both are creative and experienced musicians, capable of mentally transporting the listener in a sincere dialogue, with no other elements than the guitar and the voice.

Eric is a renowned guitarist, who synthesizes in his way of playing the influence of jazz and the rich Latin American musical heritage and Aurora is a singer and composer with a long career in European jazz, open to root music and endowed with an extensive voice and of colors close to the instrumental.

Arteaga & López Jazz


Javier López and Aurora Arteaga begin playing together in 2007, going through theaters, clubs and jazz festivals throughout Spain.

Graduated in jazz, they study in The Hague and in the Basque Country and New York, respectively, and share a taste for traditional swing and be-bop , which they combine with other current trends in jazz.

They combine several different repertoires, from bossa to swing and jazz, through pop and soul arrangements, customizing the music for different events and concerts.

Lluís Capdevila & Aurora Arteaga

Lluís Capdevila and Aurora Arteaga coincide studying jazz in the USA as Fulbright scholars, participating actively in the New York jazz scene with their respective projects.

In the winter of 2016 they start to create music together and to work as a duo in New York combining their compositions and arrangements, in which we can find very varied influences: gospel, Mediterranean and Latin-American root music, pop, folk ...

They present a repertoire of careful arrangements in which they revise traditional standards of jazz and Brazilian music, and compositions of the two.


Guy Mintus & Aurora Arteaga Duo


Guy Mintus (piano, Israel) and Aurora Arteaga (voice, Spain) met each other at a Jazz Festival in Rome back in 2011 and years later re-discovered their musical affinity in New York, when they coincided as students at Manhattan School of Music.

The two musicians share their love for improvisation and a wide and eclectic vision of jazz and music performance. They  have in common a strong background in world music and Mediterranean folk from Spain and Israel respectively…the East and West limits of this sea.

Guy has worked with folk musicians from Israel, Greece and Turkey, while Aurora has being exploring as a musician the Iberian folklore, the sephardic music and the Afroperuvian repertoire.

They bring to our ears hints of Middle East and Iberian sonorities, jazz and pop standards arranged in a very personal way, ladino songs, brazilian choro and some original compositions.

Mina Yu & Aurora Arteaga Project


The two musicians started to play together as classmates at Manhattan School of Music, where they both are studying a Master in Jazz Music. They immediately felt comfortable playing music in duo and quartet, inviting other musicians.

Their music is a blend of Brazilian music and jazz with Korean and Spanish flavors, with two creative minds arranging, playing and composing a music full of delicacy and freshness.