Golpe e’ Tierra, concert at Función Lenguaje, Madrid

Golpe e’ Tierra, concert at Función Lenguaje, Madrid

Golpe E’Tierra’

Afro-Peruvian root music with jazz influences.

Golpe E 'Tierra was founded by Jaime Alfaro (Peru) guitar and arrangements, Aurora Arteaga (Spain) voice and percussion, Gabriel Olórtiga (Peru) musical production and electric bass and Jorge Luis Díaz (Peru) peruvian cajón and percussion. Together, they play their arrangements of the traditional Afroperuvian and Criollo repertoires.

Eric Kurimski & Aurora Arteaga

The guitarist Eric Kurimski and the singer Aurora Arteaga offer us a journey through Latin American music, with personal arrangements and compositions based on traditional forms such as huayno, zamba, Afro-Peruvian song, from a point of view closer to jazz. Both are creative and experienced musicians, capable of mentally transporting the listener in a sincere dialogue, with no other elements than the guitar and the voice.

Eric is a renowned guitarist, who synthesizes in his way of playing the influence of jazz and the rich Latin American musical heritage and Aurora is a singer and composer with a long career in the European jazz scene, open to root music and endowed with a warm and extensive voice.

Eric Kurimsky & Aurora Arteaga duo with special guest Yuriana Sobrino on percussion.

Concert at Terraza 7, New York, 2018.

Aurora Arteaga & Coco Cabrera

Coco Cabrera is one of the most sought guitar players of Peru, celebrated for his ability playing traditional Criollo and Afroperuvian music and a very good singer himself. Aurora met Coco in Lima in 2017 (thanks to Eric Kurimsky), and soon the two musicians started playing together songs from the Criollo and Afroperuvian repertoire, like this version of Horas de Amor.