The music of Aurora Arteaga Quartet is defined by its originality. We are approached by an imaginative and fresh jazz, maintaining the connections with the jazz tradition and emotions.

The quartet began its journey in Madrid in 2007, at the initiative of the singer and composer Aurora Arteaga. Subsequently, in the search for a musical language of her own, Aurora takes her music to Finland, India or Portugal and establishes herself for 4 years in the Basque Country and another 3 in New York, where she works intensely as a musician.

His compositions find inspiration in his travels, in situations of life or in the sound world of cities and nature, like a walk in the woods or the sound of a New York laundry.

In New York, Aurora Arteaga Quartet has offered concerts in clubs such as Somethin 'Jazz Club, New York Live Arts, The 55 Bar, Shrine, Casa Mezcal ...

In Spain, in addition to their regular concerts in Madrid (El Despertar, Café Berlín, La Fídula, Plaza Jazz Club) and Basque (Altxerri Jazz, Jazz Antzokia Vitoria), they have been invited to festivals such as the Madrid Jazz Festival, Ellas They create , Jazz Festival of the Cerezales Foundation or the Jazz Festival of Vitoria.

They have also played at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián , the Arenal Theater in Madrid, the Canal Foundation Theater, the Bilbao Sea Museum, etc. With a personal mix of styles, influenced by pop and root music, they offer their own compositions and original arrangements of jazz and Brazilian music.

singing at Somethin' Jazz, NY

singing at Somethin' Jazz, NY

The voice of Aurora is flexible, endowed with a wide vocal range and sound colors close to the instrumental, something especially present in their solos. Its eclecticism and the influence of roots and folklore music from different parts of the world add more nuances to the result, accentuated wisely by the rhythm section.