Aurora Arteaga & Strings

The Entre cuerdas project was first born in New York as Aurora Arteaga & Strings in the winter of 2016. For many years before, the composer and singer Aurora Arteaga had sought to give shape to a project in which the strings, voice and jazz had a place contemporary.

Finally crystallizes with her compositions arranged by herself for string quartet (classical format, 2 violins, viola and violoncello) + a trio of jazz (piano, double bass and drums) and voice.

In May of 2016 they made their first recording in the studies of the Institute of Audio Research of the University of New York, invited by the prestigious engineer Rich Blakin (Frank Sinatra, Stan Getz, Bob Dylan, James Brown ). 

They have put their art and generosity in this work the musicians Hoo Kim, Billy Test, Kae Nakano, Mariya Polishchuk, Conrad Sclar, Tzu-Wei Huang, Rainbow Sandoval, Marty Kenney, JaeHyeok Oh, Mitsuru Kubo Hunter, ShinHwa Lee and Of course Jim McNeely and Rich Blakin. Thank you all.